Attention: please read the chapter to the end before you download anything.

To offer maximum security we have a static IP for download:

VISITOR VIEWER IS HERE: viewers are running on Windows only (XP, Vista, 7, 8) with a graphic card

[do the recommended backup of your system before download]

download and store the file [size about 40 MByte] on your PC [ensure you have 400 MByte free space at the hard drive]

run the installation as shown

[a desktop icon for the viewer is nice to have]

run the viewer

[a login screen shall appear]

congrats! 1st step is done!

More information you may find at

Now here are all the links for download:

Visitor viewer:  [version as zip]

Viewer [version for builders]: [version as zip]

There are special default settings embedded for projects using our viewers. Dont download these universial viewers when you dont know how to add a grid manually. Most project partners – like agra park / vulcanicus / dreamt forest – like to have their grid already inside the downloaded version.Ask them for the download link. If the link goes to same IP adress [] then it is a safe virus-free download.


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