For the 3rd and 4th edition of the Santorini Biennale I made an easy and fast approach, so you don’t need to read on. But I also keep the more detailed version as it shows the ways “behind” which are of interest if you want to understand more – like to contribute as a builder of a Pavilion to the 1Biennale grid.

So here you create a visitor avatar in the look of an eye via http://sb3.hypergrid.net – you get then born in Metropolis.

No need to go on reading if you are fine by now …


One of the very first questions you might have is ‘How to log in’. You need an Avatar with a name assigned and a passwort and you need ‘The Grid’. The Avatar you might have created via the Metropolis grid. Then you can log in via a VIEWER that is recomended by Metropolis. Such a ‘recomended’ viewer will have the grid information, means the connectivity information for the choosen grid, already ‘inside’. So you need just to choose the grid ‘Metropolis’ in the login screen of the viewer. In case you want to act different, not being dependent on a grid – or you have a grant as an artist for a ‘special grid sandbox’ then you shall understand more about this.

What you need to get connected to a grid is the ‘grid uri’. If you dont have it, ask for the ‘Login URI‘. Here is an example:


The uri is here uri.futurelab.in : 9002. The grid nickname in this example is ‘futurelab’ – same as the name set by the grid administrator. Klick on ‘Get Grid Info’, ‘Apply’ and press ‘OK’. Then you can log in with an Avatar name that was created for this grid – in our example for the grid ‘9002’ within the futurelab server structure.


There are more pages to come soon, one is about the EYE-Visitor ….

But you may be fine to look for now at the pages for IN FUTURELABhttp://assignpagefuturelabin.wordpress.com/observer/

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