The VISITOR VIEWER is outstanding for the purpose of presenting 3D worlds. Architects, Artists, Researches need to ‘show’ what they are doing in 3D-environments without being asked by visitors ‘what this button, menu, function’? … they had most time accidentally [already] pressed.

It took 3 years of work – forward and backward – to find ‘The Minimum’. The design was outlined by Reiner Schneeberger, creator of ‘Computer Minimal Art’ in the early 80th. He is a DGQ/EOQ-certified auditor for quality- and risk-management. Based on Hippo-viewer source Daniel Jung and Mathias Jacob did the software development. Daniel Jung has a degree as software application developer (IHK) and studies Logistics at Berlin University of Applied Science. Mathias Jacob is co-founder of Metropolis, oneof the leading 3D-plattforms in Europe.

Originally it was attended to have a viewer that could be used in classes at schools as a tool handed over to teachers of art. But then ‘politics’ stepped in. For a project of urban environment protection there was a need to show ‘everyone’ how ‘the park’ might look in case a new highway will be constructed through the park. The park has all the ‘protection levels’by state law and EU, but the highway was ‘about to come’. First time a 3D-world [4 regions, 1 opensim server] made it into politics J and visitors ‘voted’ there. A publication in a major German ‘urban landscape’magazine shows [in German language] the concept. Here is the link to it: ….

Finally two viewers have been made: one for ‘easy-building’and one only for ‘viewing’. The one for ‘viewing only’ comes – due to the need of anonymous voting [see above the park] – with the optional ‘rotating EYE-technology’.This means the visitor needs not to set up an Avatar. The Avatar assignment is ‘rotating’. He/she comes as an ‘EYE’to the 3D- world [The EYE is attached on root. This is a feature of 2nd generation viewers. Also Avatar alpha transparency is supported]. The authorization of an EYE visitor is, depending on the amount of visitors over a day, limited for some hours. Let’s use an example: if you generate 10 Eyes and you have each hour 1 visitor then after 10 hours a new password is needed for the 1st EYE. [A script generates a temporary password that is valid until the amount of predefined EYEs is used.]

You don’t need to use ‘The EYE’. You can log in ‘the usual way’ as well. But then the visitor needs a password setup and an Avatar creation. [And he/she needs to dress nicely in a PG rated world – or in politics] With using ‘The EYE’ you are on the save side. Each visitor stays ‘as important’.

Just try visitor viewer first by – let’s suggest, visiting ‘futurelab’. ‘’ is the running platform where Reiner Schneeberger links to current projects of interest in 3D. Have fun 🙂

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